Tuesday, 04. December 2012

208 AR-25

  • Low Cost design
  • hexagonal rotary knob; setting angle 8 turnarounds
  • direct connection via pipe threads G1/2
  • nominal pressure 315 bar
  • nominal volume flow range...

Schiedrum hydraulics on the subject of data protection

We appreciate your interest in our company and our products and services, and we want you to feel secure about the protection of your personal information.

By using our website, personal information (hereinafter mostly called "data") is stored about you. This includes your name, company data and your e-mail address. This data is associated with your person. It is therefore our duty to inform you that this information is collected and processed and what rights you have in this regard.

We make sure that internally only the people who have access to this information will need access. Personal data will be treated confidentially and will not be made available to third parties.

The data will be entered by you. Therefore, you already know this data. In addition, logs of your usage are automatically created on the server. These are used to solve technical problems.

The following persons are responsible for your questions and concerns:

Frau Angelika Rauen
Schiedrum Hydraulik Nachfolge GmbH
Cruthovenerstr. 9
40231 Düsseldorf
Phone: +(49) (0)211 – 921 90-0
E-Mail: rauen(at)schiedrum(dot)com

Herr Mathias Langmann
Schiedrum Hydraulik Nachfolge GmbH
Cruthovenerstr. 9
40231 Düsseldorf
Phone: +(49) (0)211 – 921 90-32
E-Mail: langmann(at)schiedrum(dot)com

On our website data is processed for written contact via the contact form (under contact).

If you contact us via contact form or e-mail, the data you provide will be used to process your request. The specification of the data is necessary for processing and answering your inquiry - without their provision we can not answer your inquiry or at best only to a limited extent..

Legal basis are the legal regulations for data protection.

Your data will be deleted, provided that your request has been finally answered and the deletion does not conflict with any statutory storage requirements, such as in the event of subsequent contract execution.

You have various claims to the responsible entity regarding the data stored about you.
This includes:

- Information from the responsible person (see above) about the data stored about you.

- Right to rectification. If incorrect data is saved, you can ask the person in charge to adjust it. The controller will comply with the request if the correction is justified and appropriate.

- Right to cancellation. You are entitled to delete data that is in fact incorrect or for which the person responsible has no further purpose. A right to delete data does not exist if the person responsible is obliged to keep the data for legal reasons or through other obligations (for example contracts with customers) (proof of instructions, evidence of quality assurance, copyright of use). The obligation to store data may also exist after termination of employment. There is also no right to cancellation if you have collected information from yourself and it is in the context of other users' information (e.g., forum posts).

-Right to restriction of processing. The person responsible will ensure that, in the event of restriction, data is accessible only to persons who are obliged to access the data. For this he can use the means of pseudonymisation and anonymization.

- Right of objection. You can object to the further use of the data. This can only be effective in the future. The right to object is not an automatic obligation to delete the data for the person responsible. If the person responsible has storage requirements for other reasons, he will weigh this up and inform you.

- Data portability. You are entitled to receive data collected by yourself in an electronic format that may be used for the purposes elsewhere. The law is limited to data that are not subject to a trade secret and therefore can not be transferred to other locations or that do not protect the rights of others, e.g. Copyright.

You can object to the further processing of the data. In individual cases this can be limited by employment contract or similar.

If you believe that the processing of the data is unlawful, you may contact the company's responsible person or the supervisory authority.