Tuesday, 04. December 2012

208 AR-25

  • Low Cost design
  • hexagonal rotary knob; setting angle 8 turnarounds
  • direct connection via pipe threads G1/2
  • nominal pressure 315 bar
  • nominal volume flow range...

Welcome to Schiedrum Hydraulik

We develope and produce for you control valves for high demands.

  • Volume flow valves
    Throttle- and  flow control valves for dosing of volume flows.

    • graduated setting ranges up to 160 l/min
    • minimal regulated volume flow 5-15 cm³/min
    • nominal pressures up to 450 bar
    • manual, stepping motor, proportional solenoid control
    • hole pattern acording to DIN 24340-G6 or Schiedrum-standard
    • sandwich plate; in-line mounting or screw-in cartridge
  • Pressure valves
    Pressure relief- or pressure control valves for system pressure safeguard or regulation.

    • graduated nominal pressure ranges up to 315 bar
    • minimal adjustable pressure, e.g. pressure control valve < 1 bar
    • manual, motoric or magnetic control
    • hole pattern according to DIN 24340-C6-1 and C6-2 or Schiedrum-standard
    • sandwich plate; in-line mounting or screw-in cartridge
  • Sandwich plates
    Function blocks for sandwhich arrangement.

    • hole pattern according to DIN 24340-A6 and A10
    • lateral mounting facility for flow- or pressure valves
    • elements for rectifier-, filter- and rapid traverse functions
  • Connection plates
    For in-line pipe mounting G ¼ to G 1½.

    • according to Schiedrum-standard
    • DIN 24 340
  • Elektronics
    Electronic controller cards for controlling of motoric- or magnetic operated valves.

    • plug-in card brackets
    • setpoint potentiometer
    • connector for position sensor
  • Special valves
    Valves for customer-specific solutions.

    • Explosion-protection according to ATEX 95
    • flow control valves up to 500 bar with integrated electronics
  • Cylinders
    Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping cylinders.

    • hydraulic-rotary high-pressure cylinders
    • hydraulic clamping cylinders
    • pneumatic clamping cylinders
    • hydraulic hollow clamping cylinders